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Establishing efficient bookkeeping and accounting systems is essential to helping your business start on the right foot.

This starter package includes set-up and 1 hour of training alongside of you to determine the best fit and help you through setting up chart of accounts, bank/credit card accounts, payroll, invoicing, sales tax, etc.

This option also includes step-by-step guides and/or videos at the end of training for future reference.

Additional hours of personalized training are available after initial purchase of Set Up & Training package. 

Let's talk about setting up your one-on-one set up and training session to get your business on the right financial path today!


The "Do it yourself" ("DIY") method is typically getting things done by oneself without the direct aid of professionals or certified experts. Maybe you are on a budget or not quite ready for your own Bookkeeper.

With a well-planned DIY Bookkeeping Support strategy you can be reassured that nothing is missed and that you have a trusted helpline when questions or concerns arise.  

Provided with a checklist/to-do list, recommendations for bookkeeping best practices and time-saving automation options that integrate with your accounting software; you will be able to follow a clear system and avoid unforeseen surprises.

After a review of your accounting software and workflow process, 30 minute support sessions will be available by phone or video meeting. You will be required to submit questions in advance via email to ensure our meeting minutes are used efficiently.

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While you are doing everything in your power to help your business succeed - keeping the books just isn't top priority. You think you know how your business is doing because you keep "lose" figures in your head or have "an idea" of what the business is bringing in. But only organized, accurate and complete financials can provide a true picture of your financial situation.

This is a mistake a lot of business owners make. And it's a costly mistake. "Costly" in that every time you see that pile of receipts it takes away your piece of mind. "Costly" in that you are now trying to file your business tax returns and running out of time before the deadline. "Costly" in that not having accurate and up-to-date financial might cost you that financing your business desperately needs.

The situation will only get worse the longer you let it go on. Let's get your financials under control once and for all so that you can move forward with a healthy and complete financial picture.

Reach out today for a diagnostic review and proposal. 

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You've given bookkeeping your best shot, but it's taking up all of your free hours and left you with nothing but doubt. Or maybe you just feel like it's time to invest in a trusted professional that can care for your business like only you can!

You can opt for a monthly or quarterly service that is tailored and priced specifically to fit your needs. Work is completed daily behind the scenes to categorize transactions and manage bank feeds. Statements are reviewed on a monthly basis to look for any red flags or strange spending habits. All while staying in touch and working closely with your CPA or Tax Professional.

There is a lot to take into account before recurring services can be provided. In some cases a clean up or catching up of your books may be necessary before ongoing services can began.

Your business deserves the attention of a dedicated bookkeeper you can count on. Proper bookkeeping effectively prepares you for tax season, allows you to make better decisions, saves you time, and ultimately, money. 

Let's schedule a FREE consultation to discuss what it would be like to have your books organized and taken care of behind the scenes!

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